Organizer awarding ceremony

Місце проведення Фестивалю

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Participation cost and payments
Here and further 1 conventional unit = 1 Euro, Ukrainian participants make payments in UAH, all prices include VAT and advertising taxes.

Full (3 day) accreditation (May 28 - 30)

Accreditation per one participant for 3 days:

  • payment made till 31.03.2008 – 120 EUR
  • payment made till 25.04.2008 – 150 EUR
  • payment made after 25.04.2008 – 200 EUR (in the presence of free places).

Two or more participants from one organization:

  • payment made till 31.03.2008 – 100 EUR
  • payment made till 25.04.2008 – 130 EUR
  • payment made after 25.04.2008 – 175 EUR (in the presence of free places).

Accreditation allows attending all daytime events of the Festival, including seminar program, award ceremony, 3 parties and one accreditation kit containing DVD with TV contest program, CD-catalogue with all print, Internet and radio entries, printed KIAF catalogue and various presentation materials and souvenirs.

Entrance tickets and prices

Entrance tickets – 75 UAH per day

Ticket allows for entrance and single review of the exposition, participation in seminars, daytime presentations in corresponding day of the Festival (except evening time and special seminar program only for accredited participants).

Daytime form education student ticket price – 50% discount, tickets’ quantity limited.

ATTENTION: Entrance tickets for Festival parties ARE NOT sold separately.

Only accredited participants can enter to these events.

Entrance ticket for the Festival awarding ceremony will be realized on residual principle after counting of KIAF accredited participants quantity.

DVD –catalogue – 75 UAH
CD-catalogue of contest entries – 75 UAH

30% discount is given on series of entries (three or more entries in one contest as a part of a campaign). Every entry should have a clear indication of belonging to certain series in application form.

Valid members of the All-Ukrainian advertising coalition are given a 20% discount for accreditation and participation in contest program.

Associated members of the All-Ukrainian advertising coalition are given a 5% discount on accreditation and participation in contest program.

Festival Payment Scheme

Payment for participation takes place after the completion of all registration forms on the Festival website.

Ukrainian participants also (legal entities only) should send copy of certificate of VAT taxpayer (fax: (044) 425-57-40)

Payment options:

  • Non-cash payment (physical entities should pay through bank’s pay desk).
  • Credit card.

Entrance to all events of the Festival is only by accreditation cards and entrance tickets.

Contest until 31.03.2008 until 25.04.2008after 25.04.2008
TV and cinema spots
70 100 125
Print advertising (advertising layouts in press) 50 70 100
Outdoor billboards and posters. Transit advertising 
50 70 100
Radio spots
30 50 70
Advertising photography
30 50 70
Graphic design 
30 50 70
Label and Packaging
30 50 70
Outdoor & Indoor design 30 50 70
Interactive advertising 30 50 70
Media projects
70 100 125
BTL & DM projects 70 100 125
PR projects 70 100 125
Advertising campaigns, Advertising series
85 120 150
Corporative film 50 70 100


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