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Contest categories

R-1. Food & drinks.
R-2. Все виды промышленных товаров (Household maintenance, office, ремонта etc.)
R-3. Health and beauty (perfumes, cosmetics, goods for personal hygiene, pharmacy, toiletries, medical and dental services etc.)
R-4. Communication services (telecommunications and mobile phones, internet providers etc.)
R-5. Transport services and carriers, service centre, tourism & travels, entertainment, culture and sport, consumer & retail services  (cars, car accessories, service stations, taxi, air and rail transit, tourist agencies, hotels, resorts, sport competitions, trainers-rooms, festivals, concerts, museums, exhibitions, cinemas, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, cafes, laundries, dry-cleaner's etc.)
R-6. Bank, financial and insurance service (banks, pay- and credit cards, insurance, deposits девелоперство etc)
R-7. Corporate advertising (advertising building corporate image
R-8. Self promotion (for advertising agencies and mass media only including advertising broadcast design and promo spots
R-9. Social advertising & charity

Cost per one entry

Paymenttill 31.03.2008till 25.04.2008after 25.04.2008
Contest participation cost per one entry 30 EUR 50 EUR 70 EUR

Entries technical requirements

Technical requirements for audio file: MP3, 48 kHz, 192 kbps

The files should be added to the applications directly on the Festival’s website.
Text translation radio of work on English it is necessary to specify "Description of creative idea" of competitive request in a column.

How to enter 

- of applications’ registration and entries’ presenting is April 25, 2008
- payments should be submitted till May 10, 2008

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