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Accreditations and entries submit

For representatives' accreditation for all events of the Festival and participation of entries in competitive program we propose you:

  1. To read competitive program and select contest category.

  2. To prepare entries under technical requirements made for entries (see technical requirements in every contest description).

  3. To register company/yourself as a participant.

  4. You will receive password on email indicated in your application form (later it will be named "login").

  5. Go to directory "Registration" to infill contest application (keep in mind that you need to infill contest application for each entry separately). Put your login and password. Select contest category for your entry. Fields marked with star (*) are obligatory for infilling. After contest application infilling check it, please and confirm registration. Quality and quantity control of infilled applications are available to participants at "Registration" directory.
    Deadline for enties' registration - April 25, 2008.

  6. After entries registration is finished you must inform Organization Committee and ask for invoice. Details can be found in section named Participation cost and payments.

  7. Then you remained only to send your entries to Organization Committee or to Festival's Representation. See deadlines for entries' accordance in every contest description.

  8. Well, and besides don't forget about accreditation and get your accreditation kit since 15-00 p.m. May 27, 2008 in The Ukrainian chember of commerce & industry.
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