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Main media partners

TV and cinema spots
Contest categories

T-1. Food  
T-2. Alcoholic drinks and soft alcoholic drinks
T-3. Non-alcoholic drinks
T-4. Household maintenance, business services and office equipment (clothing, footwear, child’s goods, jewellery and accessories, home furniture, domestic appliances, kitchen utensils, sanitary engineering, goods for repair and finishing materials, detergents, cleaning products, computers, printers, photocopiers, office equipment and furniture, writing materials etc.)
T-5. Health and beauty (perfumes, cosmetics, goods for personal hygiene, pharmacy, toiletries, medical and dental services etc.)
T-6. Communication services (telecommunications and mobile phones, internet providers etc.)
T-7. Transport services and carriers, service centre (cars, car accessories, service stations, taxi, air and rail transit etc.)
T-8. Tourism & travels, entertainment, culture and sport (tourist agencies, hotels, resorts, sport competitions, trainers-rooms, festivals, concerts, museums, exhibitions, cinemas etc.)
T-9. Consumer & retail services (supermarkets, shops, restaurants, cafes, laundries, dry-cleaner's etc.)
T-10. Bank, financial, insurance service,  buildings development  and real estate investment (banks, pay- and credit cards, insurance, deposits etc.)
T-11. Corporate advertising (advertising building corporate image)
T-12. Self promotion (for advertising agencies and mass media only)
T-13. Social advertising & charity.
T-14. Online films (web commercials, films produced specifically for online use)

Сost per one entry

Paymenttill 31.03.2008till 25.04.2008after 25.04.2008
Contest participation cost per one entry 70 EUR 100 EUR 125 EUR

Entries technical requirements

All competitive TV of work must contain prerevod texts on English (titles).

Contest materials must be given in two kinds:

  1. MPEG1, shot size - 320х240, максимальний розмер - 15 Мб

    These files must be a part of contest application and lay out directly on the Festival’s website

  2. in MPEG4 only, DiVX codec no less than 5.1.1 (data stream (b.r.) – no less than 7 Mb/sec, shot size - 720 x 576), audio - in MP3 only (data stream no less than 128 Kb/sec, discretization (sampling) – from 44100 Hz, 16 bit, stereo)

    All spots from one participant must be on one disk (CD or DVD) in the form of separate files.
    On disk must be indicated: participant, contest category, entry and file namesnames must be in Latin letters (Cyrillic is strictly forbidden!).
How to enter 

Contest entries must be sending to address:
App. 24, 8/12 Andriivska str., Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine

Recipient*: Tatyana Andros  (please indicate Tatyana Andros as a recipient if delivering by courier)

Foreign participants can lay out contest entries made with observance of technical requirements (2) directly on the Festival’s website in the same time with  with infilling  of contest application.  For the receipt of access it is necessary after filling of competitive requests to send a query on

Delivery is at the expense of the sender.

- of applications’ registration is April 25, 2008
- entries’ presenting is April 30, 2008
- payments should be submitted till May 10, 2008

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