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Contest categories

C-1. Marketing PR. Program (project or campaign) that demonstrates effective use of one or the integration of different instruments: media relations events, guerilla campaigns, strategic partnership and sponsorship, word of mouth generation, new communicational channels and media involvement, work with сеlebrities and opinion-makers that actual for brand marketing and company business goals achievement 

Criteria of entries’ evaluation by jury members:
  • Strategic approach to the task
  • Conducted research that helps to obtain metrics to measure success of a program or a project
  • Originality of communicational idea, campaign concept
  • Selection of the most effective communicational channels
  • Quality of project tactics realization
  • Results that can be measured

Projects or programs realized during 15.05.07-15.05.08 are accepted

The cost

Paymenttill 31.03.2008till 25.04.2008after 25.04.2008
The cost of one entry participation 50 EUR 70 EUR 100 EUR

Common requirements to contest entry content

In entry’s presentation must be:
  • Description of campaign’s objects posed.
  • Description of proposed solutions, methods and communication tools.
  • Description of results that campaign achieved.
  • Description of things that differ this campaign and make it deserving of award
Entries technical requirements

Every entry must be given on separate CD disk in the form of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for PC (Office 95 Microsoft / 97 / 2000 PowerPoint для PC). Technical requirements for presentation’s elements:
  • Arial type for text.
  • TV ads in MPEG-1, 320 х 240 pixels.
  • Print ads, posters, advertising publications in JPEG, RGB.
  • Radio ads in the form of WAV, 44100 Hz, 16 bit.

On CD must be indicated: participant, contest category code, entry name.

How to enter 

Contest entries must be sending to address:
App. 24, 8/12 Andriivska str., Kyiv, 01004, Ukraine

Recipient*: Tatyana Andros  (please indicate Tatyana Andros as a recipient if delivering by courier)

Foreign participants can lay out contest entries made with observance of technical requirements directly on the Festival’s website in the same time with with infilling of contest application.  For the receipt of access it is necessary after filling of competitive requests to send a query on

Delivery is at the expense of the sender.

- of applications’ registration is April 25, 2008
- entries’ presenting is April 30, 2008
- payments should be submitted till May 10, 2008

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