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Outdoor & Indoor design
Contest categories

N-1. Billboard constructions, gas stations, buildings, signs, roofs
N-2. Show-room design
N-3. Display and interior design
N-4. POS constructions: displays, stands, holders etc

The cost of participation

Paymenttill 31.03.2008till 25.04.2008after 25.04.2008
The cost of one entry participation 30 EUR 50 EUR 70 EUR

Entries technical requirements

Contest materials are admitted

- To be placed in an e-catalogue of the Festival entries:

  • there has to be an e-version of the entry in *.jpg, *.gif files, 72dpi, RGB, horizontal side can’t be more than 700 pixels with images of real objects

    These files must be a part of contest application and lay out directly on the Festival’s website
- To be accepted for jury:
  • entries must be presented in a colour A4 printouts (photo) with images of real objects

    On the back of an entry must be indicated it name and contest category without indicating(!) of participant’s name
- To be demonstrated in the exposition:
  • entries must be presented in a colour A5 printouts (photo) with images of real objects, placed on a black A3 format substrate

    In a right down corner of substrate face should be indicated contest category, the work’s title the same as in application and participant’s name
How to enter 

Contest entries must be sending to address:
App. 24, 8/12 Andriivska str., Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine, к.24 

Recipient*: Tatyana Andros   (please indicate Tatyana Andros as a recipient if delivering by courier)

All post and delivery expenses are paid by the sender.

- for applications’ registration is April 25, 2008
- for allocation of all entries is May 10, 2008
- payments should be submitted till May 10, 2008

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