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Партнер номинации "Звезды в рекламе"
Official competitive program of 9th KIAF divided into 8 parts and consists of 14 contests. Each contest divided into categories.

I    Contests evaluated by Big and the Cteative Jury of KIAF:
  • TV and cinema spots.
  • Print.
  • Outdoor billboards and posters. Transit advertising.
  • Radio spots.
  • Advertising photography.

II    Contests evaluated by Designers’ Jury of KIAF:

  • Graphic design.
  • Label and Packaging.
  • Outdoor & Indoor design. 

III  Contests evaluated by Interactive Jury of KIAF:

  • Interactive advertising.
IV    Contests evaluated by Media Jury of KIAF:
  • Media projects.
V    Contests evaluated by Advertising campaigns' Jury of KIAF:
  • BTL & DM projects.
  • Advertising campaigns.
VI    Contests evaluated by PR Jury of KIAF:
  • PR projects.
VI    Contests evaluated by Film Jury of KIAF:
  • Corporative film.
VIII    Professional Press Jury evaluate contests of TV spots, prints, outdoor billboards and determine two best entries: Press prize for TV and Press prize for Print.
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