May 31 - June 3 2005, "Dom Kino"

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The 6th KIAF corporate style concept: Mr. Lemons advertising agency, Riga




/ Program / 3 june 

3 june 

Blue hall

*11-00 – 12-00

*“Before and after: TV channel repositioning as advertising budgets anti-slim measure”,
Marketing strategy researche of Ukrainian TV channels repositioning projects (TET, STB, channel 5) in 2004-05. Andrey Taranov, media expert, Kiev.

*12-15 - 13-15

*“Usage of packaging as a key element in branding”
Strategic planning director of “Depot WPF “Brand & Identity” Advertising group, Moscow.

*13-30 - 14-30

*“How we looked for emotions in media-planning”,
Presented by Synovate, Festival’s official research agency

15-00 - 17-00

Intellectual game of AVA Brand Factory "Brands are our children. How do we do this?..",
organised by AVA advertising agency, Kiev

18-00 – 19-00

Press conference of organizers and heads of the jury of the 6th KIAF

19-00 – 20-00

Demonstration of KIAF TVC finalists

Red hall

*11-00 – 13-00

* “Creative in advertising as side product of strategy development”
Igor Ganja, creative director at LMH Consulting, Moscow

The seminar is all about the technology of automatic production of advertising creative as a logic consequence of strategic planning. A progressive technology of basic brand legend production and automatic creative production technology will be presented to the audience. The seminar is ingeniously decorated with multiple successful examples.

Plan of the seminar:

  • Scheme of marketing communication projecting
  • Types of creative. Their interaction and interdependency.
  • Strategic creative
    • Brand. Functional approach towards its definition, creation and management.
      • Concept and communicational structure of the brand
    • Technology of basic brand legend development
    • Structuring of target audience. Problem of imperfection of traditional models. Technology of markom-prizm.
  • Communicational creative as a direct consequence strategic creative. Technology of automated production.

*13-15 - 14-30

*“Efficient brand communications: problems and solution vectors”,
Author seminar by Margarita Vasil’eva, brand-consultant and copywriter, “Paprika-branding”, Saint-Petersburg.

14-45 - 16-45

“Brand Building Advertising”,
Master-class by Bogdan Naumovici, the Head of the Main jury of the 6th KIAF, Romania.

17-00 - 18-00

“Entertainment marketing”,
Presented by “Ludi”, Kiev

20-00 – 22-00

**Awarding ceremony, part 2, closing of the Festival
Awards are presented to: Graphic design and POS materials, Internet advertising, Posters for outdoor advertising, Media-projects, Print advertising, Advertising campaigns, TVC.
Awards are presented by sponsors, partners and also: Press award, Grand-prix of the festival, Best agency of the festival, The most creative agency of Ukraine

Blue sitting room 

11-00 – 13-00

“Legal regulation of non-advertising means of marketing communications”,
Round table. Organised by BTL-section of the All-Ukrainian advertising coalition and BTL-club.

13-30 - 14-30

Kazbek Becktursunov, general director of Kommersant-Ukraina publishing house

15-00 - 16-00

“Miracle of the financial brand. Internal and external myths of branding on the developing financial services retail market”,
Denis Schlesberg, creative director at “Artonica” studio, Moscow

16-15 - 17-00

"Music at your finger tips".
New revolutionary music technologies in advertising.
Oleg Onopryyenko, CIS & Baltia director, De Wolfe London.

17-15 - 18-30

Express-training: "Marketing: paradoxes, absurdities, creative work"
Hosted by: Anatoly Kogan, marketing director at "Alef-Vinal" close corporation, Lubov Ovchinnikova, strategic planning director at "Eurocom"
advertising-consulting company.