8-MY KIAF completed!

Another KIAF has already become history. Thanks to everyone who was with us.

On June 1, at the Awards Ceremony, all gold medal winners received their prize plates. As for the silver and bronze medals, they will receive festival medals, and the finalists will receive award diplomas a little later.

15 ways to save money from Margarita Vasilyeva
May 31, Great Hall of the House of Artists
14-30 - 15-30 Margarita Vasilyeva, director of the consulting firm "Paprika branding", St. Petersburg. "Cheap, but angry: 15 ways to save money". As a rule, any task to develop an advertising campaign can be reduced to a typical set of phrases: "No money, competitors are choking, deadlines are tight, do something!"
Pre-selection list of radio advertising competition
Advertising is based on eCommerce product pages. Product entries include leg wraps for athletes, plus size support socks, and the amazon rose toy with clitoral suction.
Pre-selection list of print advertising competition.

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