May 31 - June 3 2005, "Dom Kino"

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The 6th KIAF corporate style concept: Mr. Lemons advertising agency, Riga




/ Contests / TV and cinema spots 

TV and cinema spots 

Contest categories

  • T-1. Food (all food including pet food)
  • T-2. Alcoholic drinks (vodka, cognac, whiskey, gin, rum, strong liquors, wine etc.)
  • T-3. Soft alcoholic drinks (beer, cocktails etc.)
  • T-4. Non-alcoholic drinks (juice, tea, coffee, carbonated water)
  • T-5. Household maintenance, home furnishing and appliances, fashion (detergents, cleaning products, paints, adhesives and also services, furniture, carpets, fabrics, kitchen utensils, clothing, footwear incl. sport shoes, gloves, socks, luggage, hand bags and also hairdressers)
  • T-6. Health and beauty (pharmacy, toiletries, beauty products & services)
  • T-7. Business and office equipment, industrial equipment, telecommunication services (office equipment, phones, cellular operators, Internet services etc.)
  • T-8. Transport, travel & tourism (taxi, railways, airlines, car rentals, driving schools, tourist agencies, hotels, resorts etc.)
  • T-9. Leisure, entertainment, culture & education (festivals, cinema, concerts, museums, schools, lottery, toys, sports equipment etc.)
  • T-10. Banking, finances and insurance (banks, credit cards, insurance, deposits etc)
  • T-11. Corporate advertising (advertising building corporate image)
  • T-12. Self promotion (for advertising agencies only)
  • T-13. Broadcast design
  • T-14. Social & charity

Jury assessment criteria:

  • Originality of the creative idea
  • Concept implementation quality

Price: EUR35 per one entry

Attention: you will be given a 20% discount on entries, submitted and paid before April 1 2005.


Entries must be submitted in two copies:

  1. Files for on-line judging are uploaded at the festival website. File must comply with the following requirements: video: mpeg-4 (DivX starting from version 5), 360x288, 25 fps, aspect ratio 4:3, bitrate 500 kbps, deinterlaced; audio: MP3, 44.1 kHz, 128 kbps. Not more than 1 MB per 10 seconds.
  2. For screening and DVD authoring: video: MPEG-2, PAL 25 fps (NTSC is not acceptable), 720x576 (4:3 aspect ratio), bitrate CBR 6000 kbps; audio: MP2 48 kHz, stereo, 192 kbps. Participant name, entry name and contest category must be indicated on the DVD. Not more than 10 MB per 10 seconds.

Ukrainian participants submit DVDs to organizational committee address:

Andros Tatyana Alexandrovna, Kiev International Advertising Festival
office 4, 10-12 Zlatoustovskaya str., Kiev 01135, Ukraine
(please indicate Tatyana Andros as a recipient if delivering by courier).

It is necessary to report about delivery at

Delivery is at the expense of the sender.

Non-Ukrainian participants may upload their entries, produced in accordance with the above requirements, via website after completing the application form.
Entry uploading instructions will be sent to e-mail address you indicated in the application form.

Entries, applications and payments should be submitted from February 14 to April 25 2005.